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Mustard-Horseradish Roast Beef and Roasted Vegetables
November 6, 2008, 8:35 pm
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roast beef and roasted veggies

As I’ve mentioned before, I signed up for a CSA box this year. It’s a great idea in theory, but I think it might just not be for me. When you’re trying to cook for a 3 (almost 4 – that’s hard to believe) year old, getting a big box of random produce every other week can be problematic. The Miss is really good for her age about eating her vegetables and trying new things, but she is still 3. We’re trying to balance introducing new things on a regular basis with keeping dinner recognizable for her so it’s not a fight every night. After all, what’s the point of cooking and eating as a family if no one enjoys it because the Miss is pouting and refusing to eat.

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